Stakeholders Description Main Concern Communication method (frequency) Contact
Customers Customers’ satisfaction can determine the value of the enterprise. We know that customers’ comments play an important role to keep the sustainability of an enterprise. We process customers’ feedback and make improvement and continue to track the result. By this we continue to improve our service quality and competitiveness. Customer's privacy control
Product and service impact the health and safety on customers
The marketing and mark for product and service
Regular review meeting for product quality and delivery requirement
Senior executives visitation to important customers quarterly
Customer satisfaction survey (annually)
Customer audit meeting / Business meeting / Research and Development meeting (annually)
General Manager:
Rita Hsu
Employees Shuang Bang value labor relationships. Quarterly labor-management coordination meeting is held to coordinate labor issues, and promotes cooperation between employers and employees
Set opinion box for employees to file opinion and specialist will feedback
Semiannual corporation meeting is held for all employees about corporation operation status, important policy and development, and advocate Occupational Safety Education, and Sexual harassment control and complaints and other provisions.
Arrange two-way communication time, so that employees have the opportunity to express their views, establish a smooth staff communication channels to ensure employees’ right.
Occupational Health and Safety management Labor-management Meeting / Employees’ Welfare Committee Meeting / Semiannual Corporation Meeting / Business-management Meeting
Employee Opinion Box / Corporation Email
Safety and Health Education Training (semiannually)
Staff activities are held from time to time
Written: Employees can put written notice in the opinion box
Management Vice General Manager:
Yang Dongyu
Suppliers Shuang Bang regards all our suppliers as important partners and we also request our partners in supply chain to follow CSR, including labor ethics and right, safety and health, risk management and ethics, disable conflict zone minerals and etc. Shuang Bang shall not, directly or indirectly, provide, promise, demand or accept any unlawful interests or make any other breach of good faith, unlawful or breach of duty, in the manner of fairness, integrity and transparency of the transactions between Shuang Bang and the suppliers. Supplier environmental assessment
energy efficiency performance
environmental protection of raw material
Supplier Audit (annually)
Visitation to supplier (from time to time)
Purchase Section Manager: Xu Yujuan
Shareholders To establish a good communication channel with investors, Shuang Bang has a spokesman and a contact window for shareholders. Shuang Bang keeps the disclosure of information complete, immediate, correct and transparent to protect the interests of shareholders. Economic Performance Investors and shareholders section on official website
Shareholders’ general meeting (annually)
Public information observatory (from time to time)
Annual report and financial report (quarterly)
Investors/Shareholders contact email: