Sports Shoes


A pair of good shoes provides comfortability as well as enhancing its functions. With continuous revolutionary development and innovative technology, SBI constantly enhances our products.

Medical Supplies

Medical grade bed linen, Medical bed tube, and others


With the proposal of “ten-year long term care plan”, medical quality issue has drawn people’s awareness.
Shuang Bang TPU membrane can be used for medical bed tube, TPU membrane glove and other medical grade tube.

Resin and hardener can be applied to medical bed frame, wheels and other associated applications allowing the products more durable and environmental friendly and enhancing a better medical caring value.

Rapid development in medical industry

Applying Shuang Bang PU membrane to medical glove, it is soft, breathable, and non-sticky.

More comfortability, more healthy

Applying Shuang Bang PU membrane to medical grade bed linen, it gives significant waterproof anti-bacterial effect as well as more comfortability and health quality.



Clothing not only leads the fashion trend, but also provides diversified functions for different needs. Shuang Bang has a high function of breathable and water proof technology for PU resin and TPU membrane. Whether it is raw materials or coating / lamination, Shuang Bang can meet customer needs.


Outdoor / Sports goods


Exercise generates your body
With the rapid development of outdoor/ sporting goods and the concept of quantitative self, Shuang Bang is committed to form strategic alliances with customers and uses our advanced technology to develop a wide range of product applications.