Human Resource


  • To meet the industry trend, complete and immediate quality and service, and being Asia's well-known textile coating / chemical products manufacturing factory.
  • Achieving industry competition brand status by innovation to pursuit of product development and growth.
  • Continuous improving quality.
  • Seeking to reduce production costs, to help customers gain a competitive advantage
  • Enhance research and development capabilities, strengthen the company's system, to provide customer satisfaction services
  • Develop elite plan to create a management team to meet the market expectation. <
  • Promote employee attainment, analyzing problem and countermeasure ability.<
  • Improve the quality requirements through the information sharing platform to provide services that meet customer needs.<
  • Cultivate experts through the learning organization.
  • Consistency of all employees and operators to customer quality requirements.
  • Establish a knowledge management and sharing system in the process of success and failure.
  • Shorten the communication process of operation, make a rapid response to the market changes.


The company has a systematic training program to help employees’ self-growth, the main purposes for training program are:

  • Enhance employee independent thinking and self-management ability
  • Planting professionalism, actively cultivate succession talent echelon
  • Implementation of the core values of enterprises, and create business competitiveness
  • Cultivate talent with industry competition, and create a learning culture of continuous improvement


We offer a complete systematic welfare and a great working environment:

  • Five-day work week, Paternity Leave, Menstruation leave, Child Care Leave, Family Care Leave, sounded leave system.
  • Employees are covered by labor insurance, health insurance, group medical and accident insurance as well as annual regular health checks
  • Monthly earnings performance bonuses, and proposal bonuses
  • Annual earnings are allocated a certain percentage of dividends to employees
  • Three Chinese Festival Bonus and birthday allowance
  • Wedding allowance, new home celebration allowance, hospital or funeral condolences allowance
  • Year-end party and lucky draw


Retirement system and implementation:

  • The Company is remunerated according to the provisions of the Lloyd Law, and its pension is paid on a monthly basis of 5% of the total amount of the salary. The amount is paid in the account of the "Taiwan Bank Trust" designated by the Government.
  • The Labor Pension Ordinance, which came into practice as of 1 July 1994, has been provided for by the Ordinance, for the provision of a pension at a rate of 6% per month for the pension system to which the Ordinance applies To the LAB.