Quality policy

Customer Satisfaction 、Sustainable Management.

Environmental policy

  1. Comply with the government’s environmental protection and related regulations.
  2. Continuously improve and prevent pollution recurrence.
  3. Effectively establish and implement an effective Environmental Management System.
  4. Reinforce environmental protection through employees training.
  5. Strengthen communications between our internal and external partnerships in promoting Environmental Protection consciousness .

Safety and health policy

Preserve the safety and health of our employees and the community without injuries, accidents, and illnesses.

Ethical Policy

  1. Follow the highest standards of ethical conduct.
  2. Uphold integrity and fair trading when engaging in business.
  3. Strictly prohibit providing and accepting bribes of any forms.
  4. Obey all the regulations related to privacy and information security.
  5. Respect and protect the intellectual property rights of companies, customers and suppliers.

Labor policy

  1. Implement gender equality to promote harmony at work.
  2. Support the employment of PWD’s (People with Disabilities) and attend to our vulnerable employee needs.
  3. Strengthen on-the-job trainings to advance the work skills.
  4. Improve the holistic quality of employees by way of lifelong learning practices.
  5. Comply with the government’s Labor Law: prohibition of child labor, to create a friendly environment and safe workplace.
  6. We are committed to following the norms of international human rights conventions and following internal operations to investigate and handle disputes.